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The WarriorBots compete in the First Tech Challenge (FTC). The Mission of FIRST programs as described by founder Dean Kamen is "To transform our culture by creating a world where science and technology are celebrated and where young people dream of becoming science and technology leaders."  Dean saw that future jobs and the future of the human race was becoming increasingly dependent on technology and engineering. He wanted to create a competition that truly inspired, educated, and prepared youth to go into fields involving science, techology, engineering, and math. FIRST is not solely focused on robots and engineering though. FIRST also fosters the development of well-rounded members of society. The competition also includes awards focused on judges interviews, community outreach, and team pride. 

 The robotics program at Okarche began in 2011 with only a couple students. Today it has grown to a team of eleven. We improve and get better with every year of experience we gain. Through the years we have received ten awards and advanced to the state competiton several times. We have yet to qualifiy for a super regional, but that is our goal this year. We are more excited than ever for this season and we hope you are too! We expect big things are ahead of us and we are focused on improving our robot and our team everyday. The friendships and team bonding experiences we’ve had through FIRST programs had been invaluable. Please contact a robotics team member or Mr. Wilczek with any questions or comments.


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