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Okarche @ Hennessey 2016

  • Waiting for rounds to start:  Savannah, Austin, Sara, Katie, and Grant.  (Sara and Katie, who had to leave to go cheer at area, would place 2nd in humorous duet and Sara would take 2nd in prose!
  • Still waiting for the competition to start. Alisha, Erin, who would place first in qualifying dramatic interp, and Sydney, who was first in champ dramatic interp and second in qualifying poetry, and our judge Tyler.
  • Alisha, who was champion in monologue and third in poetry
  • Grant, who was champion in foreign extemp and runner-up in champ division original oratory.
  • Austin, Savannah, Grant, and Alisha-3rd in champ sweepstakes and 1st in qualifying sweepstakes.  Not pictured, Mercedes-1st in champ humorous interp and 2nd in qualifying extemporaneous speaking, Katie, Sara, Erin, and Sydney.
  • Savannah, who was second in champ Lincoln-Douglas debate, third in champ standard oratory, and third in qualifying prose.