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freely adapted from the MEDEA of Euripides


by Robinson Jeffers


Okarche High School One-Act:  2012-2013

  • Set by Nathan Brooks
  • Megan as the Nurse delivers the exposition in an opening monologue.
  • The nurse speaks of Jason's betrayal of Medea.
  • Mackenzie as a woman of Corinth asks the gods to ignore Medea's pleas for death.
  • The women of Corinth (Mackenzie and Claire) and the nurse listen to Medea's cries of anguish.
  • Medea (Mary) makes her entrance.
  • Creon (Tom) banishes Medea from Corinth.
  • Jason (Michael) berates Medea for threats against Creon and Creusa, his new wife.
  • Medea begins to reveal her plans to the Corinthian women.
  • Aegeus, the king of Athens, (Sawyer) is asked by Medea for sanctuary in Athens.
  • The Nurse asks the gods for a safe trip to Athens for Medea and herself after Aegeus agrees to give them refuge.
  • Medea shows her
  • The nurse returns after witnessing the horrible fate of Creusa and Creon.
  • The nurse continues her tale of horror as she describes how the gifts turned to fire and consumed the unsuspecting recipients.
  • Medea listens carefully to the Nurse discuss the last few minute of Creon's and Creusa's lives.
  • Medea shows Jason to the door where he will discover his worst fear.
  • Jason's downfall is complete, and Medea enjoys her bitter triumph.
  • Tom and Mackenzie putting on make up.
  • Claire mugging for the camera.  Why is she applying Michael's make up.
  • Megan taking a break before getting into costume.
  • Sound technician Nathan looks on as the cast finishes up make up
  • Opening moments.  Finally on a real stage.
  • All-star cast member Mary as Medea
  • The nurse and the chorus converse with Medea.
  • Mary as Medea.
  • The set from the balcony
  • Another view of the stage from the balcony.
  • All-star cast member Tom exiles Medea
  • Medea pleas for mercy for herself and her children.
  • Creon grants Medea time to prepare for exile, his fatal mistake.
  • Michael as Jason confronts Medea.
  • Jason and Medea.
  • Sawyer as Aegeus questions Medea.
  • Medea entrusts the nurse with the gifts.  (Megan as nurse, another all-star cast member.)
  • Sawyer standing by one of our scenic elements waiting for make up.
  • Lighting Technician Ben
  • Regional all-star cast members:  Megan, Mary, and Tom.
  • Regional Champion Cast and Crew!