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Okarche at Fairview:

On Friday, November 30, and Saturday, December 1, members of the Okarche Speech Team traveled to Fairview to compete in Fairview High School's prehistoric-themed tournament.  These are our results!  (Not pictured are Tyler-2nd in LD debate and Lizbeth-finalist in prose.)

  • The squad and the third-place plaque in class 3A.
  • Dinosaur boy and Grant-3rd in fex.
  • Dinosaur boy and the Crews Two-2nd in humorous duet
  • tournament champ and runner-up in prose, Mercedes and Erin, w/ Dino boy.
  • Dino boy, HI champ Michael, and Indiana Sacket!
  • Dino boy, SO champ Nathan, and Natalie.
  • Dino boy, Grant, and Natalie.  (Grant was also a prose finalist.)
  • DEX champ:  Tom